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Advertisements for Anime/Non-anime RPGs

All about School rpgs

Anime/Non-Anime School RPG ads
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This community is for only advertising your LiveJournal anime/non-anime school rpgs. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. This is an open community. If you have a school rpg you would want to advertise, join the community and post about it. Just don't post about it like thousands of times on the same day.

2. Be sure to add all information necessary.
That includes (not required though): The genre of the RPG (which anime/non-anime show is it of, or if its original)
-Community name of your RPG
-Who to contact to join
-Info about the RPG (which person its played in, the set-up, etc.)
-A brief summary
-Characters available (please, if possible, put under lj cut)

3. Only post advertisements for Livejournal RPGs from Animes/Non-animes that involves a school. This doesn't necessarily mean it strictly involves only a school, for instance Yu Yu Hakusho RPG can be advertised if the characters are still in school.

4. Please use correct grammer and spelling. Don't know how to spell a word, try "Spell Check".

5. I'll try to add them all into favorites under categories.

6. Pictures are allowed (and even encouraged), just don't put excessively large ones that'll effect dial-up users.

Any questions, contact me at RocSktrPunk@aol.com.

An RPG played on livejournal that is for original (meaning you make their looks and their story) Japanese characters attending high school. With over 40 players, the RPG won't go dead any time soon. We are looking for mature, active players. Interested? Click on the picture!

Gakuin High

Welcome to Gakuin High, one of the many high schools of Tokyo, Japan. Located in an AU district, Gakuin High is not one of the best high schools here in Tokyo. In fact, it seems to be run by delinquents with the school faculty trying desperately to maintain control. This school is rich with high school drama: from love quarrels to the test of true friendship, add in all the peer pressure high school has to offer from sex, drugs, and gangs, and you have a dangerous mix for adventure.

Introducing an RPG set in modern day Tokyo, Japan. It is an RPG based on original ideas with original Japanese high school characters. You create the face, the personality, and the history. Whether you base it off your favorite anime, manga, video game, or book character, the choice is up to you. You may create an average type character who's just trying to survive the everyday high school routine, or you may create a character with a dark past, perhaps a member of one of the numerous gangs.

The RPG is played in 3rd person, past tense. It is all done on
LiveJournal. Each character gets their own journal and are required to leave comments in other player's journal. There is a deadline of two weeks between posts (though I am lenient to highly active players on this rule). Player's are required to be opportunistic with comments, meaning they must leave a comment when opportunity arises to. We are looking for mature, dedicated players who will maintain an active role in the RPG. The moderators are experienced and will not allow this RPG to die, let alone, the people in them.